Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So I've just been super busy for the past few months with school and training.  I just got back from New York yesterday with my class.  We toured around and went to some great art galleries.  However it was extremely cold for the first few days, which made it extremely unappealing to walk around for extended periods of time outside.  I loved Brooklyn; great food spots and amazing thrift/vintage stores to peruse.  I also loved Coney Island; completely deserted and run down, the wind was whistling fiercely through the amusement park.  Definitely a good subject for some future illustrations!  Some creepy, twisted old signs, such as "shoot the freak" and a man/clowns face that adorned every garbage can and tourist shirt...I love it!  I broke my good camera a few months ago, and so had to resort to using my dated and slightly broken hand-digital camera.  So the photos are not so good, but hopefully you'll be seeing some carnie-related ill's soon!

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